~~Kenneth and Cindy Quigley are Canine life cycle coaches and the owners of Super Mutts.

Cindy Quigley has been an animal lover all of her life and from a young age she knew her life’s work would be spent in the service of animals. She grew up with animals and trained her first dog at age 17. In 1984 she became a Veterinary Technician. In 1985 she became a professional pet stylist. She groomed professionally for 8 years and in 1993 made a career change and became a Registered Nurse. During that time she continued building and training a pack of dogs at home and studying animal behavior.

She has worked in grooming shops, boarding facilities and veterinary hospitals, all of which taught her how to read canine body language and understand dog handling. Throughout her 11 years of nursing, she felt something missing and decided to follow her heart. In 2003 along with her husband Kenneth they opened Super Mutts. Super Mutts was a Canine retreat that offered training, boarding, daycare and grooming services.

Kenneth Quigley has been an animal lover all of his life, caring for anything his parents would let him bring home. He has personally cared for and trained dogs since he was a teenager. Early in life he knew that animal care would play an important role in his life.

He became a Systems Engineer in 1996 and has spent years perfecting his trade, all the while building his pack of dogs at home. Through dog ownership and the challenges of living with a “pack” of dogs, he has studied dog behavior; finally landing him at Penn Foster College where he graduated as a Dog Obedience Instructor.

Both Kenneth and Cindy have worked with special needs pets ranging from timid, fearful, deaf and hyper, to those exhibiting human and dog aggression.

Kenneth and Cindy Quigley are the creators of the Puppy Montessori system and the authors of the book Puppy Montessori, how to raise a puppy, a comprehensive puppy training system. They reside in Apache Junction Arizona with their English Bulldog Doug!